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T3 - Teachers Teaching with Technology


Retired in 2005 from Teaneck, NJ High School after 35 years teaching mathematics and computer science. I was the Instructional Leader for the Computer Science Department and supported the effective and appropriate use of computers and graphing calculators in the school. I also took care of the school's computer networks. My teaching assignments for the '04 - '05 school year were AP Computer Science and Computer Science I. I also brought the new course, Multimedia and Information Engineering to the school (see the Infinity Project ). I was also the Coordinator of T.E.A.M.S. (the Technology-Enriched Academy for Mathematics and Science), a new 'smaller learning community' beginning in 2002 with about 35 freshmen each year interested in using technology to learn mathematics and science in an integrated academic setting.

Me and my Point Jude on Lake Hopatcong My interests include computer programming, multimedia software, sailing on Lake Hopatcong and family.

I am a Texas Instruments T3-Teachers Teaching with Technology National Instructor . I conduct workshops and summer institutes and give conference presentations in the use of the Texas Instruments graphing calculators and TI-Nspire.

My first exposure to graphing calculators came in June of 1991 when I attended a 2-week CalcNet summer institute at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas. We worked with several different graphing calculators, but the TI-81 was the easiest to use. We also got a peek at the prototype TI-85 and my input to the developers actually made it into production, lending credence to the slogan “Teachers talk, TI listens”. I took my experiences right back to the classroom that September with a class set of TI-81s in my AP Calculus class. The following summer I was invited to serve as a C2PC counselor at Ohio State and another in New Jersey. Presenting at conferences and getting involved in NCTM gave me the energy to revitalize my interest in mathematics education, and the summer of 1993 found me teaching two T3 summer institutes as a new Instructor. Since then I have been involved in many T3 writing teams, planning teams, and product developments including TI-Navigator, TI-SmartView, TI-84 Plus operating systems and TI-Nspire. I am also interested in calculator and computer programming and have developed several PC applications for making life with the handhelds easier. What an exciting time for a mathematics teacher!

I've written several documents related to the TI graphing calculators. Visit my Graphing Calculator page and my TI-Nspire page.

2007 recipient of the T3 Leadership Award.

2002 Radio Shack National Teacher Award. Read my essays.




Point Jude on Lake Hopatcong